Pomona, über-reif (2018) – new composition for cello and piano
by Paulo C. Chagas

Pomona, über-reif (2018)

Pomona, über-reif (2018) |  [Pomona, overripe]  [Pomona, madura demais]
for cello and piano
length: 10:00”

The piece draws inspiration from Paul Klee’s painting “Pomona, über-reif”, 1938, which I saw in Paul Klee Zentrum Bern in September 2018. Pomona is the Roman nymph of the gardens and fruit trees. Klee’s picture has a strong dynamic opposing strong black lines to colorful shapes. It emphasizes the ripeness of the fruit, pointing to fertility and growth. Fruits remains one of the most important motives in Klee’s final years, a period of extremely creativity lasting until his death in 1940. The musical composition uses two quotations from Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiras #1 and #3. Pomona is also the South California city located halfway between Riverside and Los Angeles. The piece is an tipple homage to Klee, Villa-Lobos and California.


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