Works list

List of Works

Tänze vor Angst    (2019)
for cello and piano

Pomona, über-reif   (2018)
for cello and piano

Two marimbas   (2018)
for two marimbas

Abfahrt   (2018)
music video

A Serenata   (2018)
for soprano and guitar

Orfandade   (2018)
for soprano and guitar

Three Miniatures   (2018)
for guitar

Embracing Emptiness   (2018)
for percussion, electronic sounds and visual projection (or percussion solo)

Dança Marajoara   (2017)
for orchestra

a thousand machines   (2017)
for piano and film

Noturno No. 2   (2017)
for piano and live-electronics

I am a voice without a form   (2017)
for flute

Amor Feinho   (2017)
for soprano and guitar

Flame   (2017)
for percussion, live-electronics and dance

No Meio do Caminho  [In the Middle of the Road]  (2017)
music film

The Human Being   (2017)
for cello

Too Much Love   (2016)
for soprano, percussion and live-electronics

On the Three Metamorphoses   (2016)
for alto saxophone and electronic sounds

The Hungry Ghosts   (2016)
for flute

Sisyphus of the Ear   (2016)
music film

Sisyphus of the Ear   (2016)
for percussion, electronics sounds and film

Cotijuba   (2016)
for string quartet, live-electronics, and visual projection

Iconic Polyphony   (2015)
for piano and live-electronics

Mirror of Madness   (2015)
for flute, saxophone, cello, piano, percussion, live-electronics and visual projection

Persevering   (2015)
for bass clarinet, cello and marimba

Void   (2015)
for bass clarinet

Mirror of Death   (2015)
for piano

Noturno No. 1   (2015)
for piano

Luminous Self   (2015)
for two vibraphones and two marimbas

Return   (2015)
for percussion, live-electronics and multimedia

Gravity and Grace: Mobile III   (2015)
for cello, live-electronics and visual projection

Gravity and Grace: Mobile II   (2015)
for violin, cello and piano

Gravity and Grace: Mobile I   (2014)
for cello and piano

A Geladeira   [The Refrigerator]   (2014)
digital oratorio

In-Between   [Zwischenraum]   (2013)
for 3 percussion, live-electronics and visual projection

Awake   (2013)
for soprano and percussion

No Meio do Caminho   [In the Middle of the Road]   (2011)
for solo percussion

Canção do Amar sem Tempo   [Song of Timeless Love]   (2011)
for soprano, cello and percussion

Canção da Areia   [Song of Sand]   (2009/11)
for soprano, clarinet and piano

Canções da Memória   [Songs of Memory]   (2008/11)
for soprano and piano

Canção dos Olhos   [Song of the Eyes]   (2005/11)
for soprano, cello and piano

Time Wheel   (2011)
for viola and live electronics

Bodenlos for Vilém Flusser   (2011)
for chamber ensemble (13 players)

Figures of the Body   (2010)
for piano, live-electronics and visual projection

Impulso   [Impulse]   (2010)
electronic music

Temporal Properties of the World – Part 1   (2010)
music film

Temporal Properties of the World: digital oratorio   (2010)
digital oratorio

Sinfonia de Câmara Brasileira   [Brazilian Chamber Symphony]   (2009)
for symphonic band

Pulsing Knots   (Nós Pulsantes)   (2009)
12 etudes for electronic music

Cine Città   (2009)
audiovisual installation

Orbital Studies   (2008)
5 etudes for piano and live-electronics (or piano solo)

Corpo, Carne e Espírito   [Body, Flesh and Spirit]   (2008)
digital oratorio

Ellipse   (2008)
music video

Orbital 0.1   (2007)
electronic music

eros-ion!   (2006/07)

Dreaming the Unknown   (2006)
for flute, clarinet, violin and cello

Canções dos Olhos/Augenlieder   (2005)
music video

O Sonho e a Selva   [The Dream and the Jungle]    (2005)
for soprano, bass clarinet, percussion and electronic sounds

Radiance   (2004)
for orchestra

Circular Roots   (2003)
music video

Blind City   (2004)
interactive opera installation

Sankta Barbara   (2004)
music video

Zeit-Wände VII   [Time Walls VII]   (2003)
audiovisual installation

In-sein/Ausser-sein   [Being in/Being out]   (2003)
electroacoustic music

Trabalhos II   [Works II]   (1991/2003)
for percussion ensemble (8 players)

Trabalhos I   [Works I]   (1991/2003)
for percussion ensemble (7 players)

Visions Room   (2003)
interactive electronic music and text installation

Circular Roots   (2003)
for violin, electronic sounds and interactive visual projection

Rumores III   (1998/2003)
for 2 percussion

Einblick II   (2002)
electronic music

Der Blaue Raum   [The Blue Room]   (2001)
for speaker and electronic sounds

Streaming   (2001)
electronic music and laser installation

Streaming electronic music   (2001)
electronic music

Spheres II: Intimacy   (2001)
for guitar and harp

Elegba   (2001)
for solo percussion and symphonic band

Ave Maria   (2001)
motet for 3 female voices (SSA) and live-electronics

Projektion: 12 channel sound installation   (2001)
sound installation

Projektion: 12 channel electronic music   (2000)
electronic music

Visions Machine   (2000)
for mime, percussion and electronic sounds

Spheres I: Soap Bubbles   (2000)
for bass clarinet and marimba

Projektion: electronic music and laser installation   (1999)
electronic music and laser installation

RAW   (1999)
techno opera

Migration II   (1999)
for violin solo or violin and live–electronics

Initium   (1997)
for soprano, flute (flute in G), cello, drums, piano

Zeit-Wände II   [Time Walls II]   (1997)
music video

Märchen aus dem Metakino: das Choreoskop   [Tales from the Meta-Cinema: the Choreoscope]   (1997)
interactive audiovisual installation

Artaud   (1997)
electronic music for dance theater

Migration   (1995/97)
for MIDI piano, ensemble and live–electronics

Migration: 12 channel electronic music   (1997)
electronic music  

Transe   [Trance]   (1997)
electronic music

Festa do Bonfim   [The Feast of Bonfim]   (1997/2017)
for 3 percussion players and electronic sounds

Capivara   (1997)
electronic music for dance

Mutações   [Mutations]   (1996/2017)
for 2 percussion and electronic sounds

Observation Environment   (1996)
electronic music and computer animation installation

Observation Suite: Sceneries for a Dancer and Virtual Actors   (1996)
electronic music, multimedia an interactive performance

Observation Suite: electronic music   (1996)
electronic music

Un invisible laberinto de tiempo   [An Invisible Time Labyrinth]   (1996)
for chamber ensemble (8 players)

Einblick   [Insight]   (1995)
music video

Fogo   [Fire]   (1995)
for organ

Aboio   (1995)
for amplified vocal quartet (SATB)

Fragment   (1995)
for double bass

The Journey   (1995)
music video

Nuit-lumière   [Night-Light]   (1995)
for ensemble (13 players) and live-electronics

O Rio VIII   [The River VIII]   (1994)
for percussion and electronic sounds   (from Der Fluss)

Der Fluss   [The River]   (1994)
scenic oratorio

Bonfim   (1994)
for 2 percussion and electronic sounds

Francis Bacon   (1993)
for soprano, countertenor, baritone, string quartet, percussion and electronic sounds

Global Village/Hidden Pathways   (1993)
interactive electronic music, installation, and performance

Rumores II   (1993)
for 2 percussion

The Book of Air   (1993)
interactive electronic music and holography/video installation

Luzes   [Lights]   (1992/2015)
for chamber orchestra

Rumores I   (1992)
for 2 percussion

Transaparência   (1992)
for 3 trumpets and electronic sounds

Rasender Stillstand   (1992)
interactive electronic music and live performance

Rasender Stillstand: electronic music   (1992)
electronic music

Raptus   (1992)
for dancer, two percussion and live-electronics

Cores   [Colors]   (1992)
for vocal quartet (SATB)

Triptych   (1991)
for harp

Sodoma   (1991)
for vocal quintet (SSATB), string orchestra, percussion and electronic sounds

Sodoma Suite   (1991)
for vocal quintet (SSATB), string orchestra, percussion and electronic sounds   [from Sodoma]

Atabaques   [Drums]   (1991)
for 3 percussion   [from Sodoma]

Pas de Deux   (1991)
for violin and cello   [from Sodoma]

Découverte du Corps   (1991)
for 3 female solo voices (SSA)     [from Sodoma]

Leçon des Voyelles   (1991)
for vocal quintet (SSATB) and electronic sounds     [from Sodoma]

Garotos   [Kids]   (1991)
for 4 percussion   [from Sodoma]

Sal  [Salt]   (1991)
for vocal quintet (SSATB)   [from Sodoma]

Machine de Vision   [Vision Machine]   (1991)
5 etudes for electronic music, instruments and voices ad libitum

Véhicule Dynamique   [Dynamic Vehicle]   (1991)
electronic music   [from Machine de Vision]

5 Preludes   (1991)
for piano

Vom Kriege I   [From War I]   (1990)
chamber opera

Vom Kriege III   [From War III]   (1989)
chamber opera

Shango Kultmusik   [Shango Cult Music]   (1989)
for dancer, 2 percussion and live-electronics

Oddort   (1989)
chamber opera

Ellipse   (1986)
for mime (or dance) and electronic sounds

Ellipse: electronic music   (1986)
electronic music

Peep Show   (1985/87)
music theater

Fais-moi peur   (1985)
electronic music   [from Peep Show]

Computer III   (1985)
electronic music   [from Peep Show]

Computer II   (1985)
electronic music   [from Peep Show]

Computer I   (1985)
electronic music   [from Peep Show]

Magisches Auge   [Magic Eye]   (1985)
for actress, actor and electronic sounds   [from Peep Show]

Baiser   [Kiss]   (1985)
for actress, actor and electronic sounds

Du bist ein Schwein   [You are a Jerk]   (1985)
for actress/singer, drums and electronic sounds   [from Peep Show]

Pornokabel   (1985)
for actor, electronic sounds and image projection   [from Peep Show]

Ashe   (1984)
for 4 percussion and electronic sounds

Ashe   (1984)
electronic music

Eshu: music theater   (1984)
music theater

Lamento   (1984)
for clarinet

Do You Love Me II   (1984)
for vocal quintet (SSATB) and pop band

Eshu: la porte des enfers   [Eshu: The Gates of Hell]   (1983)
for Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble, orchestra and electronic sounds

Do You Love Me I   (1983)
for 3 sopranos and 5 trombones

Immer wieder   (1983)
for soprano and bass guitar (or double bass, or bass synthesizer)

La Passion selon Guignol   [The Passion according to Punch]   (1982)
for amplified vocal quartet (SATB) and orchestra

Intérieurs: tableaux   (1982)
for flute, cello and piano

Motet: Illibata Dei Virgo Nutrix   (1982)
for brass ensemble (10 players)

Air: up into the silence   (1981)
for alto and electronic sounds

Canzona I   (1981)
for double bass and piano

Capriccio   (1980)
for French horn (natural or valve)

Recitativo   (1980)
for viola da gamba

Lygia Fingers   (1979/80)
for soprano, mixed choir (SSAATTBB) and vibraphone

É o silêncio   [It is Silence]   (1979)
for alto recorder

Harpa Esquisita   [Strange Harp]   (1979)
for 2 double basses

Uma Memória e Memória   [A Memory and a Memory]   (1979)
for piano

Variações   [Variations]   (1978)
for piano

Rios sem Discurso   [Rivers without Discourse]   (1978)
for mixed choir (SATB)

A Vladimir Maiakovski II   [For Vladimir Mayakovsyi II]   (1977)
for flute and piano

A Vladimir Maiakovski I   [For Vladimir Mayakovsky I]   (1977/78)
for flute and piano

Webern: de tempos em tempos   [Webern: from Time to Time]   (1976)
for oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone and piano

Three Pieces for Children’s Choir   (1975)
for children choir (3 voices)